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Kosher fresh-frozen fish available

By Paul Haist

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A Seattle-based company with an Oregon tie is selling fresh-frozen kosher fish, which it will deliver to the customer's door.
The Kosher Seafood Co. touts its product as "just like nature intended, wild and natural with no preservatives, artificial coloring, seasonings or antibiotics."
The Kosher Seafood Co. sells chinook and coho salmon, halibut and sablefish (black cod) delivered from fishing vessels calling at Sitka, Alaska.
The company markets its product under the label KASH, for Kosher Alaska Salmon and Halibut.
The company assures customers that each fish is handled carefully when caught, chilled in ice on board the fishing boat until it is delivered to KASH's kosher plant in Sitka where the fish are processed and flash frozen.
KASH's products bear the KOF-K heksher as a guarantee that the product adheres to standards of kashrut.
Rabbi Michoel Brukman of KOF-K in Teaneck, N.J., confirmed that KOF-K supervises The Kosher Seafood Co., although the company was not yet listed in September on KOF-K's Web site (www.kof-k.org)
The KOF-K Web site says of its heksher that "only those products and services meeting the strictest standards of kosher law are permitted to display the symbol?. When consumers see the KOF-K on a product, they know they are buying food that meets the highest levels of kashrut (kosher law)."
KOF-K provides kashrut supervision to all segments of the food industry and even to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.
Kosher Seafood Co. Marketing Director Sabrina M. Visser, who lives in Talent, near Ashland, said KASH's care in processing their fish maintains flavor, color, texture, firmness and nutritional value.
Visser says their product is "fresher than fresh" because it is shipped to the consumer direct from the processor.
"It's common for fish sold as fresh at retail to be up to 10 to 14 days old," she said.
While the company acknowledges that the fresh-frozen concept is not new, it says its process is better than others.
"Unlike other companies who sell seafood marked 'previously frozen,'—this means their fish often has been frozen twice, especially if sold in portions—KASH fish are frozen only once before being shipped to customers," said Kosher Seafood Co. President Harvey Meier.
KASH's fish are filleted, de-boned, vacuum-packed and flash frozen the same day the fishermen deliver them to the KASH plant.
"This maintains their just-caught ocean freshness and ocean quality during transit from Alaska to you," said Visser.
KASH fish are shipped with skin. Halibut fillets are boneless. Salmon fillets are partially boned-out and sablefish come with pin bones.
Chinook salmon fillets are approximately 22-27 inches long and weigh 2-4 pounds each. Coho salmon fillets are 18-23 inches long and weigh 1-2? pounds each. Halibut fillets are 23-28 inches long and weigh 1-3 pounds each. Sablefish fillets are 20-24 inches long and weigh 2-4 pounds each.
Much of KASH's business is with catering companies and fine-dining restaurants for which the minimum order of 25 pounds is practical. Noting that 25 pounds is "a lot of fish" for an individual, Visser said she encourages private parties to place group orders, perhaps as synagogue groups, she suggested.
The 25-pound package, she added, makes the KASH service attractive for families planning large events such as bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings and seders.
Pricing for KASH products varies monthly, according to Visser, to reflect their shipper's fluctuating fuel costs. KASH products are shipped second-day air on FedEx.
The September price list for 25-pound packages shipped to the Portland area offered coho at $8 per pound, Chinook at $9.25 per pound, halibut at $12.50 per pound and sablefish at $14.25 per pound.
KASH fish also is available in 50-pound units at slightly lower per-pound prices.
Consumers can learn more about The Kosher Seafood Co. online at www.kosherseafood.net.
Orders may be placed by e-mail (info@kosherseafood.net) or by telephone (877-578-0788). Get additional ordering details from the company's Web site.
The Kosher Seafood Co. guarantees its product. "We will replace your order or refund 100 percent of your money without question, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied," states the company's brochure.

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