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Oregonians pack AIPAC

In the past, attendees at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference may have lucked into a year where they got to see a sitting U.S. president or Israeli prime minister. This year, we got both  read more »

Teacher brings in DAM rap group promoting terrorism

To the editor:

I find it very disturbing that Lincoln High School brought in the Israeli-Arab rap group DAM to perform and talk not only to the Arabic language classes but also the English classes about a situation the students have not studied. They have presented one highly slanted and warped side with no chance for the Jewish community to add their comments.

DAM promotes terror against Israel.

One of the rappers complains falsely that Israel calls Palestinian citizens (1.4 million of them) a cancer.

An Israeli Jew commented that this rapper was one of the most hypocritical men he had ever seen. He said that the rapper used to hang out with Israeli Jews and they loved and praised him. He grew up performing before Israeli audiences. Another Israeli rapper, Subliminal,  read more »

Spring Song: A field of golden daffodils

As people were milling about at the conclusion of the Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation Benefit Dinner April 19, one man said to me that the OJCYF is “the most inspiring organization in town.”
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Goldstone report flawed, but Israel should investigate its military

NEW YORK (JTA)—The Goldstone report is severely flawed, perhaps fatally. At the same time, some of the allegations it makes deserve serious consideration by Israel.
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World Philosophy Day in Tehran?

How’s this for a philosophical question: Can you hold a conference dedicated to the open debate of some of the biggest issues in society in a nation that is among the least amenable to any free and open public discussion?  read more »

At Yom Hashoah, lesson for today from Nuremberg, Eichmann trials

WASHINGTON (JTA)—Sixty-five years ago at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany, 22 defendants stood in the dock. They represented a cross-section of Nazi diplomatic, economic, political and military leadership, and became the first people in history to be indicted for crimes against humanity.
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Every Israeli’s son

For the last five years I have tried not to think of Gilad Shalit. I avoided the newspaper photographs of his first months as an Israel Defense Forces draftee, a boy playing soldier in an ill-fitting uniform.  read more »

West Bank facts differ from media, Obama portrayals

The facts on the ground in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) are very different from what our president talks about and very different than what the mainstream media report.  read more »

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