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Recognizing the power of 'we' in a generation of 'I'

Ever have an epiphany when you read something that takes you aback and makes you think in a very different way?  read more »

U.S. support for Israel the right thing to do

In May 1948, U.S. President Harry S. Truman, acting against the advice of his State Department, recognized the new Jewish state 11 minutes after the Israeli proclamation of independence.  read more »

Israel was on the table, if not actually at the table

GENEVA (JTA)—After the theatrics of the first day, April 20, and the drama of the second, the third day of the Durban II conference was all about what everyone ostensibly came here to discuss.
 read more »

Search for Middle East peace goes beyond Ramat Shlomo

WASHINGTON (JTA)—At the 2010 AIPAC Policy Conference opening session, Washington Institute Director Robert Satloff described U.S-Israel tensions surrounding the announcement by the Interior Ministry of Jewish housing in Ramat Shlomo as 5 to 6 on the Richter scale: Not cataclysmic, but strong enough to cause some lasting damage.  read more »

StandWithUs Israel meet sharpens student’s focus

I attended the StandWithUs “Israel in Focus” Conference in Santa Monica, Calif., Nov. 14-16. The stimulating conversations about Israel and activity surrounding Israel on college campuses were truly thought-provoking and eye-opening.  read more »

U.S. should work to bypass U.N. human rights panel

Question: What do Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia and Algeria have in common? The obvious answer is that all five of these Arab states have had to deal with widespread unrest and rebellion this year  read more »

Regarding our decision to close the Jewish Review

Ouch! A “kick to the gut.” That may be how you felt reading about the replica handbags federation decision to cease publication of the Jewish Review effective Jan. 1.

I know this decision caught you “by surprise.”  read more »

Land for peace? Now, it’s peace for land

The division in the American Jewish Community concerning Israel’s continued holding of the disputed territories is a curiosity.  read more »

With peace brokers like Britain, Israel has a real problem

Over the past few months, British policy toward Israel has taken a disturbing turn, seemingly playing into the hands of a growing international movement to delegitimize the Jewish state.  read more »

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