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eCommerce Website Reviews – What You Need To Know?

How do you earn more money? Well, if you happen to make money with eCommerce websites then creating a couple of more digital marketing certification courses is one solution to scale your knowledge.

The following is my review of eCommerce websites and why it won’t guarantee or help you achieve the results that you want online.

I went through this system. A friend of mine let me in. The system is okay, in fact it is quite good. However, once again the problem is how much has to be spent in order to obtain the so-called certificate, and in the end if it is actually worth it.

So let’s take a closer look at this eCommerce website builder programs to see whether it would be a big mistake for you or a good idea.

Ryan Deiss  Knows What He Is Talking About

I do trust Ryan and the information that he provides. However, the reason why I stopped using Ryan’s eCommerce websites as a resource a number of years ago was due to the constant stream of up sells and emails that he sends.

And in the end, all of the information that you learn you can easily find for free online.

Sales Funnels And Timing To Use With Your Websites

Over the years his system has released some questionable practices, but you can ignore those and traffic can flood your website or at least trickle in.

However, in terms of email marketing, although he does send me more emails than anyone else does, the emails do sound pretty good. But they ended up being the same offers sent over and over again.

However, I’m here to review the Content Marketing Certification Course by Ryan Deiss, not criticize his emails. So let’s get started.

Right now he offers 6 core models in 3 training programs. But the price of each course is $495.

So are these courses worth $500 each? The only one saying that they are is Ryan. I definitely am not.

The problem with these eCommerce Websites courses is it won’t make any different to you to have a certification coming from Ryan Deiss. It won’t get you a corporate job working as a social media specialist. So the certification part of it really doesn’t mean very much.

However, it will provide you with some knowledge about the way things work. My actual problem isn’t with the training itself, but all of the craziness and hype behind it. It’s the lie of this being some kind of educational system. Who is it approved by? Again, the certification is not something anyone is going to care about or give you a job based on it.

Why You Should Be Good At Selling?

Ultimately, you could get the same training that you get here on YouTube or Udemy or for free. You just need to do know which internet terms to use to do your search.

I have no doubt that the Digital Marketer and eCommerce courses are good. I should know, since I went through some of this training videos, and did learn a few things that I didn’t know before. However, it isn’t anything that will put distance between me and the competition. The way to do that is to learn stuff and then do things to apply the knowledge that you have learned.

Just because I happen to learn video marketing from the DM team and Ryan doesn’t mean I’m going to be better than everyone else who uses video marketing for driving traffic. All it does is make me a smart marketer for using it as a marketing tool.

Also, I have a question for Ryan Deiss about the statement he makes that unlike others who call themselves content marketers, that you will have the badge and certificate to prove it coming from a source that businesses trust. So does that mean that all of us, like Problogger and Copyblogger and others don’t know anything?

Take That Leap

The sales copy is there to convince you and other beginners to spend $500 per class to get a certificate that says you spent that much money for things as basic as learning video marketing, blogging, email marketing, and even SEO.

Yes, it is simple to learn these things and you don’t need a certificate to prove that you did.

eCommerce Website Certification Course

I recently released a basic internet marketing training course for free on the website. It is updated regularly, is ongoing and has free weekly calls with it. The reason why I did that was to show you how these video only types of training courses are becoming obsolete, and why one-on-one coaching works a lot better. It actually always has.

Keep in mind that with the Digital Marketer certification course you only get videos, unless you want to purchase some time.

Even my system does come with an up sell to it, which is to work personally with me. You can work one-on-one with me and not have to pay a fortune for it. I have worked with thousands of individuals over the years and three Fortune 500 Companies and also been a company’s content marketing specialist.

And no I didn’t get the so-called certificate from Ryan Deiss to get my credentials or that job. I actually had a private and personal coach.

As I said previously, I don’t have anything against the system. I have been able to check out the back end of the training, and it is perfectly fine for learning the various platforms and facets of effective internet marketing.

My main question or issue is how much will it cost?

At almost $500 per course, if you need to learn everything from the 5 main platforms then you are going to have to pay $500 for each of those courses!

And if Ryan decides he is going to charge an extra $500 for the certification test, then you will need to factor that in too.

My problem isn’t with the training, but the cost for you. There are lots of great people and places for you to learn from online, and most of them are a lot more affordable than what Ryan Deiss is offering.

Bottom Line of my eCommerce Websites Review

The ¬†eCommerce website course is expensive. That’s it. It is a good course, and I saw from the inside that it does contain some great information.