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Adopt a family this holiday season


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Faced with requests for help which far surpassed the emergency aid funds they had to give out, in 2009 JFCS launched the Adopt-A-Family program to try to provide some holiday happiness for families in our community struggling to survive.

Thanks to community generosity, last year 138 individuals, couples and families were able to be receive all or part of their Adopt-a-Family holiday gift requests.

This year, JFCS is again faced with the same, extreme levels of need. And so, JFCS and the Mittleman Jewish Community Center have merged the Mitzvah Menorah and the Adopt-a-Family programs, and are joining forces to ask the community for help.

You can “adopt” a low income senior, an individual struggling with illness or disability, or a family in need this Hanukah. For a description of the first 18 families who need help, see the list below.

There are many ways to help.
Adopt a Family

Contact Maria at JFCS 503-226-7079 ext. 128 to let her know which family you would like to adopt and discuss what you could do to help meet some of their most critical needs.
Shop for a Wished-For Gift

Choose a gift (or gifts) you would like to purchase from a family’s story.  Contact Maria at JFCS 503-226-7079 ext. 128 to let her know which gift you want to buy and make sure no one else is already purchasing it. Then, buy the gift and drop it off at JFCS, 1130 SW Morrison, Suite 316, attn: Chana, so JFCS can deliver it to the family. Please do NOT drop off gifts at the MJCC.
Send a Donation and JFCS will Shop for You

Choose a gift (or gifts) you would like to purchase from a family’s gift wish list.  Contact Maria at 503-226-7079 ext. 128 to let her know which gift(s) you would like to give. Then, send a donation to cover the cost of the gift(s) to Adopt-a-Family Holiday Gifts, Attn: Chana, JFCS, 1130 SW Morrison, Suite 316, Portland, 97205. JFCS will buy the gift(s) and deliver it to the family.
Pick Up a Gift Card and Pop It in the Mail

All of the families on this holiday list—as well as all those who come to JFCS year-round for help—would greatly benefit from a gift card from a one-stop department store like Fred Meyer or Target. So an easy way to help is to pick up one the next time you’re at the store and mail it to Adopt-a-Family Holiday Gifts, Attn: Chana, JFCS, 1130 SW Morrison, Suite 316, Portland, 97205.
Volunteer to Shop for or Deliver Gifts

Have time to shop for and/or deliver gifts paid for by others? To offer your shopping or delivery services, contact Brian at 503-226-7079 ext. 158 or email brian@jfcs-portland.org with your contact info and availability.

“Working together, we can make the upcoming holidays brighter with compassion and hope,” said Chana Andler, JFCS director of marketing and development.

First 18 Individuals & Families Who Need Help

Family No. 1: Recently homeless, this family of Mom, her sister, and 11-year-old daughter are now are sharing a small apartment, but desperately need kitchen equipment–knives, pots, skillets, spatulas, spoons, casserole dishes—in order to be able to cook. Also wished for are gift certificates to Everything Jewish on Capitol Hwy., a blender, a mezuzah, a “Littlest Pet Shop” for the daughter and a Powell’s gift certificate for books.

Individual No. 2: This young Jewish woman has numerous medical problems that she manages with courage and grace. One thing she can still do is cook kosher, which she loves to do. Her Hanukah wishes are for a crock pot, a zester, a garlic press and a Target gift certificate to get new socks and underwear.

Individual No. 3: This Holocaust Survivor continues to work on an on-call basis to try to make ends meet. But what really keeps her going is her art. So she is hoping for art supplies: water color and acrylic paints, brushes, pads of watercolor and acrylics paper, and/or gift certificates for art supplies.

Individual No. 4: This single Jewish 70-year-old senior lives on SSI, but even on his very limited income, still scrimps to send money back to his relatives in Russia. He is hoping for a juice maker, an electric teapot or a blender or food processor.

Couple No. 5: Senior Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine, they recently lost all their belongings in a fire. They are hoping for an electric teapot and a microwave, a warm winter coat (size 1X or XL) for her and a winter jacket (size M) for him.

Couple No. 6: This senior Jewish couple lost their belongings in the same fire that affected Couple No. 5. So, they too are starting over from scratch. He would like a winter jacket (size L) and a queen-sized blanket. She would like a cotton robe (size L or XL), slippers (size 7.5-8) and a winter jacket (petite size 16-18).

Individual No. 7: This low-income Jewish senior is wheelchair-bound and a cancer survivor, but keeps on going. She would like a toaster, a Britta pitcher and water filter, a vacuum cleaner she can operate from her chair, and a gift card to Fred Meyer or Target for some winter clothes.

Individual No. 8: Seriously injured in a car accident, this Jewish 40-year-old squeaks by on disability, but has nothing left for anything extra. He hopes for some shirts (size XL), a gift certificate to Fred Meyer to get socks and shoes, and some cat toys and treats for his beloved cat.

Individual No. 9: After a year of unemployment this young Jewish woman finally found a half-time job. But it’s still a struggle to make ends meet. For Hanukah, she hopes to get a floor lamp, a toaster oven, a winter coat (size XS or S), or a gift card to buy some boots.

Family No. 10: Although Dad has finally found a job, Mom’s prolonged illness has resulted in extensive medical bills and their house is in pre-foreclosure. What they would like for Hanukah is help with her medical bills, gift cards for winter clothes, and socks, puzzles and Jewish books for their boys (ages 3 and 5).

Individual No. 11: This former teacher is legally blind, but still wants to read and learn. What she would like for Hanukah is contributions toward getting a “book sense” device (cost $499) and the e-books that go with it.

Family No. 12: Both parents in this Jewish family are dealing with serious health issues, so it’s been a tough year for their their children (ages 10, 8 and 5). What they would most like for Hanukah is books, art supplies (paint, clay, sketchbooks), science kits, stuffed animals and a telescope for the kids.

Family No. 13: This single parent family—with four kids (ages 18-5) and grandma all in residence—has had a terrible year, including layoffs and the loss of the grandfather. What they would like for Hanukah is Target or Walmart gift cards for clothes, winter coats, music and some DVDs.

Individual NO. 14: Unemployed and with no family to help him, this early 60s Jewish man is also struggling with serious chronic back pain. So what he desperately wants for Hanukah is help paying his utilities and phone bill, which he is behind on.

Family No. 15: This Jewish family with two children (ages 16 and 4) is struggling to make ends meet. Despite the fact that Dad works full-time at a low wage job, they barely get by and have nothing extra for holiday gifts. They would love to have some Target or Fred Meyer gift cards to buy clothes, socks and underwear for the kids.

Family No. 16: This Jewish single mother is hoping for a jackets and bookstore gift cards for her 8 year old son (size 12) and 12-year old daughter (size 14), as well as a Target or Fred Meyer gift card to buy them winter boots.

Family No. 17: Unable to find steady work, this Jewish family has moved around a lot and has only recently been able to get stable housing. Their Hanukah wish is for help to pay the rent and gift cards to Target or Fred Meyer to buy clothes for their 5-year-old, since nothing fits her any longer with the check jewish world review 

Individual No. 18: Over 10 years with severe chronic debilitating disease would take its toll on almost everyone. But despite this ongoing hardship, this Jewish woman keeps her spirits up by creating art. What she would like for Hanukah is a gift card to Michaels, a ukulele (new or used), some cookie sheets and, if possible, a George Foreman grill.








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