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American Jews must aid Somalia’s starving children

A tragedy is unfolding in the Horn of Africa, where hundreds of thousands of children are at immediate risk of death. The disastrous combination of the worst drought in 60 years, high food prices and regional conflict has left 12 million people, including more than 2 million malnourished children, in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.  read more »

West Bank facts differ from media, Obama portrayals

The facts on the ground in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) are very different from what our president talks about and very different than what the mainstream media report.  read more »


Reaching for peace in the new year  read more »

Peace Now official says embrace change or keep quiet

WASHINGTON (JTA)—There is the old joke that “denial is not just a river in Egypt.” And indeed it is true.
 read more »

Israel advocates see tough times ahead

The pro-Israel community is about to face very challenging times. With the resumption of peace talks nowhere in sight and a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood on the horizon, Israel advocates have good reason to be anxious.  read more »


Caution urged around Obama’s emerging Middle East policies  read more »

Bail-out flaws point to financial regulatory needs

Achieving any degree of financial fitness in the current financial environment is like competing in a swimming competition after someone has drained the pool.  read more »

Israel in the mainstream press

HAARETZ editors wrote on July 12, “The package of confidence-building measures that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to offer the Palestinians raises questions.  read more »

Jewish idea contest deadline Feb. 15

The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s “Next Great Jewish Idea” contest announced in the Jan. 1 Jewish Review has so far elicited 11 submissions.

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Online Anti-Semitism survey

Dear Editor,
I would like to tell you about an online survey I developed on anti-Semitism.  read more »

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